How and why did it all start?

How did my passion for sewing masks begin? 

I come from Slovakia, where people had to wear masks as soon as the first coronavirus cases appeared, and it was strictly compulsory. It was quite amazing to see how people followed the "I protect you, you protect me" movement on wearing masks, that originated in the Czech Republic. 

This was mid-April, and a very few people had been wearing them in the U.K. then, but my mum managed to convince me that I must wear one when I go out. So I made my first few masks, and they were actually quite lovely. 

My corona-pirate outfit
After I shared my first corona-pirate outfits on social media, my dear friend Clare Langan asked me if I can make a couple of masks for her friend Mina. So I did. And then I made them for my friends Patricia & Paul, Petra, Blazena, Mireille, and they liked them.  

And so it went... I started ordering more fabric, tried different threads and elastic, and I spent a good few hundred pounds on materials... LOL.

By the way, I bought my sewing machine two months before the lockdown, and I had no idea how useful it will be!

My cat Benji is getting into sewing to :)

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